Social Responsibility

At Just Advisors, we are committed to giving back and supporting charitable projects around the world. We feel that it is our responsibility to do our part to help with development projects, educational initiatives, supplying basic needs, protecting the environment, protection of endangered species, and other important causes. We connect donors with international projects that are carried out by Give The Dream Foundation. The foundation directly manages each project through completion.

About Give The Dream Foundation

Did you know that almost 400 million dollars is donated in the US each year and only about 5% of that goes to supporting international causes? Give The Dream Foundation works with people who dream about a better world. Poverty leads to a world of problems that ends up effecting the entire planet. In many places in the world poverty has led to hunger, disease, environmental degradation, and a low quality of life. Give The Dream Foundation brings donations to the harshest places in the world. Give The Dream manages each project from start to finish and follows up to make sure that the progress will last. Recent projects include:

  • Togo, West Africa- Clean Water Project: Donations have gone to make water pump replacements in Togo giving 30,000 people fresh water 2014-15. More donations are needed to fix the pumps in 35 more villages.
    To Learn More please click here:

IMG_3634 IMG_3574 IMG_3699     IMG_3613

  • Gambia West Africa- Restoring water to a rural school of 400 students in The Gambia. Thanks to all of the donors. We raised $7440 for this project in just a few weeks! Your compassion and generosity will make a lasting impact in this community. The new equipment is expected to supply water to the school for 15 to 20 years!

IMG_3320 gambia 22 IMG_3607gambia 11 gambia 12

  • Organic farming to fight hunger in the South of Spain: Volunteers learn to farm on a sustainable plot; all of the crops are given to people in need at several food banks in the region.

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For more information please contact us at:

If you wish to make a charitable donation to Give The Dream  Foundation,  or go to this website:

Give The Dream Foundation is a charity founded July 11, 1997 and is a US 501 (c) 3 organization that supports various charitable projects around the world. The charity’s US tax identification number is EIN 86-0882426, and this is a public charity. An invoice and photo book from the project will be sent to your return address or email as soon as possible. If you wish to send your donation please make the check payable to Give the Dream Foundation.
Send Donations to:

Give The Dream Foundation
P.O. Box 3464
Incline Village, NV 89450



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